New Business Proposal for Pension, Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plans

Cloud-based Comparison Proposals for up to four DB/DC/401(k) designs
Requires no special training or expertise; Algorithms simplify design decisions
Computes HCE, Key and New Comparability automatic Min/Max calculation
Use on PC, Mac or Tablet
Prepares attractive PDF reports

Windows Comparison Proposals for up to six qualified DB/DC/401(k) designs
Simple or complex plans based on built-in or customized designs
Supports PPA06, Cash Balance, New Comp, Roth, Catch-up, Insurance, Takeovers, Self-Employed
Computes HCE, Key and New Comparability Min/Max with up to 10 census sub-groups
Creates custom PDF report package; including logo and footnotes

GTS – George Taylor System
Windows Proposals for DB, DC and Combo plans
Fast and easy to use MS Excel-based interactive system
Supports DB Cash Balance and DC New Comparability; with over 20 census sub-groups
Discrimination testing included
Prepares attractive PDF report package
Details: Tech Sheet Demo Webcast

Reports: DB/DC Combo

DC ALLOC - DC 401(a) Allocation System
Web-based system allocates sponsor-discretionary DC/PS contribution to plan participants
Calculations appropriate for proposed or existing plans; complements any recordkeeping system
Enter data via fully validated MS Excel workbook; upload to BLAZE SSI server for calculations
Supports traditional salary ratio, integrated salary ratio, and new comparability (multiple groups)
Prints results as PDF-formatted reports and as MS Excel workbook columns
Prints PDF-formatted non-discrimination test results where required
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