Government Forms-related Software

GOVFORMS EFAST2 Filing Preparation and Transmission System
Windows System; DOL EFAST2-Approved vendor software
Supports creation and editing of the EFAST2-required electronic filing format for 5500 forms
Includes IRS 5500-EZ, 5558 and 8955 SSA; SAR and DB Plan Annual Funding Notice
Includes PBGC-approved forms for e-filing via MyPAA
Supports notification of filing signers, capture of electronic signatures, secure transmission to the DOL
Supports secure database to track filing uploads, submission status and DOL response

Retirement Plan Forms
IRS and PBGC forms related to Plan Determination and Plan Termination

Form 1099 Filing System
IRS 1099-R, 1096 and 945 Forms
Support for electronic filing of 1099-R using IRS FIRE (combined Federal and State)
Link to outside data sources using CSV file in specified format
Link to BLAZE SSI EBPII System

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