Defined Benefit Valuations and DB-related Software

EBPII DB Valuation System
Windows System for qualified defined benefit plans
Automates valuation, administration and plan studies
Supports IRS-approved funding methods including PPA06
Supports traditional, cash balance and fully insured plans
Produces PDF format customized participant benefit statements; ready for email or upload
Integrated version of the Regulatory Testing System included at no additional cost

BENFORMS - Actuarially Equivalent Benefit Forms System
Windows System
Calculates retirement benefit payout options on an actuarially equivalent basis and IRC417(e)
Supports multiple benefit commencement ages and fractional ages
Supports separate assumptions for QJSA relative value comparison
Produces PDF format participant statements

Regulatory Testing System (RTS)
Windows System for non-discrimination testing
Supports full compliance with IRS qualification and non-discrimination tests for all DB and DC plans
‘Integrated’ version included with EBPII DB or EBPII DC/401(k) System
‘Stand-alone’ version accesses data via MS Excel or electronic file exported from user’s database
Creates client-ready PDF format output and prepares a data file of results suitable for export

Plan Termination (Optional ‘Add-on’ to EBPII)
Integrated with EBPII DB or DC/401(k) System
Computes termination liabilities
Prints plan sponsor and participant information notices
Links with the BLAZE SSI GOVFORMS System for preparation of required government forms
Details: Tech Sheet

AUDIT Import/Export - Electronic Data Exchange (Optional ‘Add-on’ to EBPII)
Integrated with EBPII DB or DC/401(k) System
Supports electronic data exchange via ASCII files for census updates and plan conversion
AUDIT Import supports acquisition of participant, account and policy-level data
AUDIT Export converts BLAZE SSI input data and calculation results into ASCII files for ‘export'
Details: Tech Sheet

Eligibility Determination System
Web-based system determines employee eligibility for plan participation for DB and DC plans
For DC plans, supports independent participation requirements for each allocation type
Complements any recordkeeping system
Enter data via fully validated MS Excel workbook; upload to BLAZE SSI server for calculations
Prints results as PDF-formatted reports and as MS Excel workbook columns
Details: Tech Sheet

Reports: Multiple Elig Req’s

FAS 87 System; plus FAS132 report
Windows-based System produces comprehensive reply to standard auditor's letter
Includes all related schedules and worksheets
Prints report for FAS 132 required disclosures for non-public entities
Details: Tech Sheet

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