Compliance and Non-discrimination Testing

Regulatory Testing System (RTS)
Windows System for non-discrimination testing
Supports full compliance with IRS qualification and non-discrimination tests for all DB and DC plans
‘Integrated’ version included with EBPII DB or EBPII DC/401(k) System
‘Stand-alone’ version accesses data via MS Excel or electronic file exported from user’s database
Creates client-ready PDF format output and prepares a data file of results suitable for export

401(k) Testing Essentials System
Web-based system performs the most common 401(k) non-discrimination tests
Tests IRC401(k) employee-elective compensation deferrals and IRC 401(m) employer match allocations
Complements any recordkeeping system
Enter data via fully validated MS Excel workbook; upload to BLAZE SSI server for calculations
Prints results as PDF-formatted reports
Details: Tech Sheet

Reports: 401(k) Tests

GTS – George Taylor System
Windows Proposals for DB, DC and Combo plans
Fast and easy to use MS Excel-based interactive system
Supports DB Cash Balance and DC New Comparability; with over 20 census sub-groups
Discrimination testing included
Prepares attractive PDF report package
Details: Tech Sheet Demo Webcast

Reports: DB/DC Combo

Complete and
testing for
DB, DC and
Combo plans.