Why choose Blaze SSI?

BLAZE SSI delivers fast, accurate and competitively priced software. BLAZE SSI systems support calculations for all types of tax-qualified plan designs and prepare easy to understand reports to sell and administer plans. BLAZE SSI systems are fully documented, easy to use and offer flexible and comprehensive reporting. BLAZE SSI quickly updates systems to conform to new regulations and support new models of plan design and administration. BLAZE SSI provides unparalleled user support services including our unique Helpline, staffed by pension and programming experts. BLAZE SSI systems conform to diverse work place environments and offer seamless integration with other systems and databases. BLAZE SSI systems support users with a wide range of expertise; from pension experts to novices. BLAZE SSI’s primary mission is the creation and support of Qualified Retirement Plan proposal and administration systems. Our entire staff is committed to this purpose. BLAZE SSI also offers custom software programming related to pensions and life insurance; recently completing several insurance company projects to modernize interfaces between legacy mainframe systems and PC-based users.