Founded in 1980, BLAZE SSI pioneered the migration of Qualified Retirement Plan design and administration systems from mainframes and minicomputers to the personal computer. BLAZE SSI remains an innovator in the creation and maintenance of fast, accurate and easy to use systems that operate in both local and web-based environments. BLAZE SSI systems support defined benefit, defined contribution and 401(k) plan design, recordkeeping and administration; compliance testing; government forms; distribution planning; and life insurance. From the beginning, user support has been one of BLAZE SSI’s highest priorities. Over the years we have developed a comprehensive menu of support services including the unique, BLAZE SSI Helpline; face-to-face and web-based training and tutorials; and comprehensive system documentation. No company commits more resources to user support than BLAZE SSI. Due to our rich history of innovative system creation, unparalleled user support and total commitment to the pension industry, BLAZE SSI systems are now used nationally by major insurance companies, banks and mutual fund companies, as well as TPAs, actuaries, plan sponsors and brokers.